Men’s Fashion Tips – Importance of Lining in Men’s Ties

Men’s Fashion Tips – Importance of Lining in Men’s Ties

This is the inside fabric which the outside fabric of the tie is sewn onto. It is not easily noticeable unless you unfold the apron at the back of the tie and look feel within.

The lining details in this era are fundamentally creating the fullness in men’s ties compared to traditional ones where they relied on several folds of the silk.

Make sure that lining runs throughout the neckband of the ties, otherwise there will not be consistency in the finishing look of the tie.

The lining details on men’s ties are the pillars holding up the shape. Majority of ties have the lining made from wool. Lighter and finer silk ties usually have heavier wool lining to give more weighting and body to the tie.

While the thicker or heavy weaved silk ties have lighter lining requirements. In order to judge the weight of the lining, just take note the number of stripes, the more the stripes means heavier the lining.

It is important to differentiate whether it is the heavy silk fabric providing the fullness in hand or was it the lining that made the overall heavy finish.

Quality details on ties should always be base on the outer silk fabric giving the fullness and never the lining.

Just a note, there are some summer ties where there are no lining inside. So these ties looks a lot skimpier and skinnier than the usual silk ties.

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